Mayfair Foot Clinic: Milwaukee toenail fungus sufferers finally get relief with laser-light treatment


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MILWAUKEE, Wis., March 18, 2008 – Since early February Wisconsin residents with toenail fungus infection have had access to a new laser-light treatment that is effective 88% of the time.

Onychomycosis, an ugly and sometimes painful disease affecting over 35 million people in the United States, previously has had no good treatment options. Topical treatments don’t work and the oral antifungal medications must be taken for 3 months with a risk of liver toxicity.

Karen Hughes, one of the first individuals in Wisconsin to have this new treatment, said “I was thrilled to hear that a laser treatment for nail fungus was available in the Milwaukee area. After trying to treat my toenail fungus for the past 3 years with topicals and medication to no avail, I was referred to Dr. Milkie. After his thorough explanation of using laser-light as a treatment I immediately decided to have the procedure. It was quick and 100% painless – and now I’m looking forward to wearing sandals again.”

Dr. Chris Milkie, one of just 49 podiatrists in the U.S. using the FDA-cleared PinPointe FootLaser, said “Since early February, when I started offering the new laser-light treatment, I’ve found the most common reasons for people choosing to have this procedure are embarrassment by the look of their toes, pain, and concern about spreading the fungus to family members. People have driven from as far away as Manitowoc to have the procedure.”

Dr. Chris Milkie is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and is the chairman of the Podiatry Department at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – St. Joseph Hospital. He has been in private practice since 1991 and has offices in Wauwatosa and Fox Point. Dr. Milkie is an enthusiastic interviewee on topics related to foot conditions who has been featured on Today’s TMJ4 and Fox 6 News. In February 2009 he expanded his practice to offer laser treatment of toenail fungus infections.