Madtown Munchies: The Madtown Munchies Challenge — ’28 days on munchies’

Local Business Owner Demonstrating How Much He Believes In His Products

Jeremy Neren (co-owner of Madtown Munchies, a local late night delivery service that offers 30 minute delivery of Meals, Healthy Snacks, Ice Cream, & More) will spend the entire month of February eating & drinking only foods & beverages offered by Madtown Munchies (

Neren, a UW-Madison graduate (’05) developed the “28 Days On Munchies” Challenge in order to demonstrate that a) he stands by the products Madtown Munchies offers, b) he believes Madtown Munchies offers a broad range of products that taste great and have good nutritional value, in addition to great treats that we all crave and deserve to enjoy, and c) the variety of products offered by Madtown Munchies is large enough that you could enjoy something new everyday.

A list of products has been set up that Jeremy must eat/drink for the entire month; all meals, snacks, and drinks have been accounted for. Jeremy will follow the list strictly. However, in order to simulate real life eating habits, he will have the opportunity to choose from various options for each meal/snack.

Jeremy will be posting daily updates on what he’s eating and creating videos describing his experience; all of this can be viewed at Those looking to make a comment or ask Jeremy a question about the challenge are encouraged to join the Facebook group that has been set up for the “28 Days On Munchies” challenge (simply search “28 Days On Munchies”).

Jeremy Neren

[email protected]

(608) 698-3308