Kmotion Media: Works with WFRV to air one of first local HD TV spots

Green Bay, WI – June 29, 2009 – Kmotion Media recently worked on one of the first local HD TV commercials to air in the Northeast Wisconsin market. HVS Advertising – Marketing, a local advertising and marketing group with their expertise firmly rooted in broadcast messaging, hired Kmotion Media to do the motion graphics, animations and editing of the spot.

Why Some HD Looks Better Than Others

The world of HD is very complex, and knowing how to correctly work with HD files during all phases of production, post-production & delivery are all key. You may have seen some HD spots that look incredibly crisp and vivid, while others are less impressive. Lack of expertise in the technical side of HD production can be to blame for poor display.

The Results

Jesse Kujava, one of our creative and technical experts, was instrumental in overseeing all aspects of the spot’s HD workflow, including working with Channel 5 (WFRV) to develop the optimal compression and delivery method for the spot. The resulting HD spot now airs taking full advantage of the visual capabilities that HD offers.

About Kmotion Media

Kmotion Media is a digital agency that integrates film production, animation techniques, interactive experiences and web strategies, to make connections both through traditional and emerging media: web sites and internet applications, email, games, broadcast, viral video, touch screen kiosks & digital signage, desktop applications, DVDs and a host of other digital channels.


Susan Stauber

President, Kmotion Media