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InnoTech helps launch Burback Builder’s new website

Wauwatosa, WI (September 2, 2009) – Finding a way to decrease business costs & increase sales was a goal at Burback Builders earlier this year. They learned that a special kind of website, based on a Content Management System (CMS), would fit both requirements and hired InnoTech to help them.

InnoTech specializes in creating CMS websites which allows non technical people to easily make day to day changes in the appearance of a website including pictures and text. This style of website shows significant savings over the lifetime of a website. On older sites, a programmer or designer is needed for everything, and for small companies without an IT department, it is very expensive to even make a simple word change on one page and could often take days.

The new website, was launched recently and is already showing a cost savings. Burback Builders was impressed at how simple it is to add a picture or text, and how quickly they could respond to business decisions & market demands by immediately promoting specials & changing them daily if they wanted to.

InnoTech owner, Jim Schram, hears from companies on a weekly basis that they are frustrated with their old websites because they feel like they have no control over them. “A CMS website is a great solution for even non-technical companies because it gives them complete, immediate control over what is posted, and there are no extra on-going IT fees. Lowering expenses is important to everyone.”

In addition to the cost savings, Burback Builder’s is looking forward to increased sales with their fresh new look.

Custom software solutions are being used by many companies to actually save money during this difficult business climate, and customized websites are being used to draw in more business, so while there is an initial cost, clients are seeing either a drop in expenses or an increase in sales due to these options.

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