Hoffman LLC: Community Blood Center plans September 12 open house


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Renovated and Expanded Facility Designed and Built by Hoffman LLC

Appleton, Wis. — The Community Blood Center will unveil their renovated and expanded Appleton facility with a public open house from 10:30am to 4:30pm on Saturday, September 12, 2009. The remodeled facility is located at 4406 West Spencer Street in Appleton.

The Appleton facility, which features numerous sustainable attributes, was designed and built by Hoffman LLC, an Appleton-based total project management firm—experts in sustainable planning, design, and construction management.

“The remodeling and addition to the Community Blood Center was challenging because the project was our headquarters and processing facility. Providing 60,000 plus blood products to patients each year could not be interrupted for even one day,” commented Alan Cable, Community Blood Center President & CEO. “The Hoffman team members were able to facilitate an on-time and on-budget project without interruptions in our ability to provide timely delivery of life-saving blood components to patients no matter the time of day or the quantity of blood products needed. At no time did any patient fail to receive the blood they needed at the time it was needed!”

The original Appleton building was constructed in 1992, but with operations more than doubled since that time, The Community Blood Center found itself outgrowing its current facility. The expansion and upgrade will assist them in meeting projected increases in the need for blood as well as offering donor and staff process improvements and efficiencies.

“One of The Community Blood Center’s project goals was to improve efficiencies and provide more blood to the community without adding staff,” explained Wendy Danielson, Hoffman’s project manager. “The project’s design increased space, adding more beds and enabling current staff to serve a greater number of donors more efficiently.”

Aware of the impact their project could have on the building’s occupants and the environment, creating it in an eco-friendly manner was of great importance to The Community Blood Center.

“We were truly impressed with The Community Blood Center’s dedication and desire for creating such an environmentally-friendly facility,” said Danielson. “Their commitment should serve as a positive example of the value of sustainability in the community and their renovated and expanded building will benefit their staff, donors, and the environment.”

The design and construction of the Appleton facility included numerous sustainable features—intended to provide The Community Blood Center with a healthy, vibrant, energy-efficient work space and donor center—such as:

• The inclusion of additional windows provides abundant daylighting and views and superior lighting.

• The installation of a hybrid wall insulation system greatly improves the building’s insulation effectiveness, nearly doubling code requirements.

• A stormwater management plan that uses natural prairie vegetation conserves water by eliminating irrigation, minimizes maintenance, and improves the surrounding environment.

• The use of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures has reduced indoor water use by nearly 50%.

• The upgrade of the existing fluorescent lighting (now even more efficient), the installation of occupancy sensors throughout the building (that turn off lights after timed use), and the inclusion of bank lighting (which provides only the amount of light needed that natural light does not) will provide substantial energy savings.

• The building’s existing air handling system was refurbished and reused on the lower level, avoiding the purchase of a new system.

• The use of low-emitting VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials (such as adhesives, sealants, paints, and carpets) ensure high indoor air quality, eliminating harmful odors and providing a healthy environment for staff and donors.

• Nearly 85% of demolition waste and debris were recycled, thus avoiding landfills. The majority was concrete, asphalt, or block debris, which were used as fill for parking lots and roads. All clean wood removed was taken to a local pallet company where it was chipped into mulch.

The Community Blood Center has donor centers in Appleton, Little Chute, and Oshkosh, and holds about 100 blood drives each month. The non-profit blood center provides 100% of the blood used by Fox Valley hospitals.

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Hoffman was the first commercial planning, architectural, and construction management firm in Wisconsin to be awarded membership in Green America’s Green Business Network, the oldest association of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country.