GWC Technologies Inc.: Dual-channel label-free array system from GWC Technologies

GWC Technologies Inc is pleased to announce the introduction of dual-channel array imaging for its label-free analysis platform.

The dual-channel capability is built on the company’s SPRimager®II array system, which is in use in over a dozen countries for proteomics and bioengineering research. The new system combines an upgraded instrument, the SPRimager®II-D, with a new dual-channel flow cell.

The new cell uses the same design principles as the low volume cell, delivering improved fluidics and lower sample volume requirements when used with SpotReady™16 chips. The two independent channels each with eight sample spots enhance many applications in life science and bioengineering research. For example, users can now monitor:

— Multiple molecular interactions for two different analytes in parallel

— Multiple molecular interactions for two concentrations of the same analyte simultaneously

— Adsorption of surface layers from organic or aqueous solutions, using the second channel as a control for the unmodified surface.

The interchangeable dual-channel, low volume and standard flow cells for the SPRimager®II-D all maintain sufficient channel diameters to analyze the same broad spectrum of targets, ranging from oligos and peptides through proteins to whole virus particles and mammalian cells. Exchanging one flow cell for another is accomplished in a couple of minutes, consistent with GWC’s philosophy of making versatile systems that are simple to use.

For more information, please contact GWC Technologies sales department at 608.441.2726.; [email protected]