Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau: Something to tweet about!

Contact: Steph Sabo

Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau

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The Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) extends its brand promise in Going Beyond Visit™ to the internet as it embraces the social media tools: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. Not only do these social media tools allow the GMCVB to interact with people who love Madison and those seeking to learn more, it allows visitors and potential visitors easy access to the most up-to-date information and tips from local residents about Madison area events, promotions and news.

These social media tools also allow the GMCVB to cover a variety of topics in fun, accessible methods. For example, on Facebook visitors will find city information, links and pictures ranging from the Dane County Farmers Market to events at The Overture Center, or a giveaway promotion for tickets to the Betty Lou Cruise Ice Cream Social. Twitter serves as a more frequent short update on Madison area happenings, such as a GMCVB staffer’s menu or venue suggestion for lunch on State Street. Flickr features submitted photos that users can browse and comment on and YouTube focuses on videos of Madison where followers can watch anything from a “Madison Moments” video to footage of local events.

Whatever platform visitors use they are tuned into a world where they can interact and learn in an engaging, fun environment. Deb Archer President and CEO of the GMCVB emphasizes the importance of the GMCVB’s online presence: “Social media marketing is an added resource in our toolbox of reaching multi-generational visitors and clients. This is a cost-effective and excellent way for us to reach our key audiences in an informal and savvy way and it clearly reflects our brand of Going Beyond Visit.™”

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