Gary Hubbell Consulting: New eBook shows how to assess the success of a fundraising campaign

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Gary J. Hubbell has written a new ebook — “When the Party’s Over: Why, How, and When to Conduct a Post-Campaign Assessment”

Milwaukee, WI, June 17, 2009 – This ebook explores a much-overlooked dimension of best-practice fundraising. Hubbell makes the case for why you should conduct a post-campaign assessment and how to do it. He fully describes the data to be examined, what types of conclusions you’ll want to draw and how the entire process can better position your organization for the next campaign.

The book opens with an exploration of the benefits of conducting a post-campaign assessment. He notes that benefits include: 1) identifying missed or hidden opportunities from the campaign; 2) understanding how the campaign impact your development program capacity; 3) enhancing and deepening the culture of philanthropy; 4) understanding the hearts and minds of donors; and 5) creating the framework for planning the next phase of growth.

Thorough, yet succinct, subsequent chapters cover the components of a post-campaign assessment, the data to review, research question types to consider, and assessment implications. He also addresses two key logistical questions about when to conduct and who should conduct the post-campaign assessment. The appendix provides important sample tables of the assessment components, data, question types, and implications.

Hubbell notes his belief that it is important to reflect on what you learned as a result of what you have just been through during the campaign. “In almost every case, the learning is monumental. The energy that the organization—not just the development office, but the whole organization—expends to sustain that focus on a campaign is huge. If you take time to rest without first taking time to reflect, you will miss some great learning opportunities.”

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