Emergency Preparedness Systems: Email boot camp training for public information officers and incident commander

Contact: Greg Friese, MS, NREMT-P, WEMT

Telephone: 715-204-9874

Email: [email protected]

Announcing Launch of PIOSocialMediaTraining.com

PLOVER, WI – Social Media can empower anyone – emergency responders, patients, and bystanders – to be public information officers (PIO). Learning to use social media tools before, during, and after major incidents is a significant challenge for public information officers and incident command staff of emergency response agencies. PIOSocialMediaTraining.com launched an email boot camp training program September 1, 2009 to aid in that challenge. Subscribers receive ten emails with instructional content to learn about social media. Each email has a specific action step to help PIOs apply the educational information.

The mission of PIOSocialMediaTraining.com is to empower public information officers, incident commanders, and other emergency responders from all types of emergency response agencies to effectively engage in the creation of Social Media to achieve their organization’s unique mission and objectives. Co-creator David Konig explains, “The best way for website visitors to start is by participating in the no-cost PIO Social Media Email Boot Camp, which is an email based educational course on the use of Social Media in both emergency and non-emergency situations.” During the ten email series of lessons participants will learn about social media tools, how to create a “hub and spokes” for distributing content and engaging stakeholders, and how to equip a social media toolkit. Each email draws on best practices, ongoing efforts of other emergency responders, and available tools for creating social media.

The PIO Social Media Boot Camp was created by Dave Konig and Greg Friese who are experienced emergency responders, bloggers, podcasters, and social media advocates. Greg Friese says, “Our intent is to help other emergency responders understand and effectively utilize social media.” Dave and Greg regularly write new columns on social media tools, best practices, and current events for PIOSocialMediaTraining.com/hub/blog.

PIOSocialMediaTraining.com is a production of Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC. EPS411 designs and produces online education for emergency responders. Learn more at http://www.eps411.com or call 715-204-9874.