E4: Applauds introduction of proposed renewable energy legislation

Plymouth, Wisconsin – E4 wishes to thank State Representatives Ted Zigmunt and James Soletski for introducing legislation today at Orion Energy Systems that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating green jobs in Wisconsin and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. “This legislation is a significant step towards the environmental goals the legislature has set for itself,” says Elizabeth Rich of E4, Inc.

Environmental groups serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our carbon footprint need to band together to support this legislation. This legislation will meet the exact goals they have established for their organization: efficiency, conservation, and replacing the use of dirty fossil fuels in our energy mix with clean, renewable sources. The goals of their organization are shared by E4.

E4 encourages elected officials to look to all ends of the spectrum when it comes to renewable energy. “We have to look to all renewable energy sources if we’re to take energy efficiency seriously. To just look at wind turbines and photovoltaic solar would be doing a disservice to the citizens you’re elected to represent,” states Ms. Rich. “If Wisconsin is going to be a leader in renewable energy solutions then we need to pass this legislation and keep the door open to all possibilities.”

E4, Inc. is an environmental not-for-profit organization that aims to advance economic growth and environmental stewardship through the implementation of innovative, practical, sustainable, economically viable and profitable energy solutions. For more information on E4 and their position on the current legislation please contact Executive Director, Elizabeth Rich, Esq. at (920) 892.2449 or [email protected].