DATCP: Make this holiday season something special — from Wisconsin

Contact: Alice in Dairyland Cheryl O’Brien 608-516-5072

MADISON — Wondering what to serve at that holiday dinner or party? Looking for gift ideas for friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers? Alice in Dairyland has some ideas to make the holidays truly special.

“Look for products that are Something Special from Wisconsin™,” says 62nd Alice in Dairyland Cheryl O’Brien. “The products that use this bright red logo are of high quality and unique to the great state of Wisconsin. Plus there is great variety and diversity if you are looking for something new to try at a holiday meal or party, or for everyday use.”

Something Special from Wisconsin™ is a trademark marketing program offered by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection since 1983. The red and yellow trademark guarantees that at least half a product’s ingredients, production, or processing activities are from Wisconsin. There are more than 300 SSfW™ companies of all sizes from all parts of Wisconsin, offering food items, gifts, and services.

Locally raised poultry, beef, and pork can be served with locally prepared spices, seasoning, and sauces for main courses. You can find things to use for appetizers, snack, desserts, and beverages to serve as well, all from Wisconsin. There are also things to use for decorations and gift-giving. Many of the companies offer gift boxes.

“There are so many great products to use as gifts. But more important, you’ll be giving a gift to the state,” says O’Brien. “Buying Wisconsin made, like the products that are Something Special from Wisconsin™, helps support our local farmers, producers, communities, economies, and all Wisconsin agriculture.”

Money that is spent on Wisconsin items is more likely to stay in the state and support both rural and urban communities. These products aren’t only great to use during the holiday season. They are great to use all year.

Visit http://www.savorwisconsin.com for a complete list of Something Special from Wisconsin™ companies and their contact information.

For more information about the program, contact Lois Federman, an agricultural marketing consultant, at 608-224-5124.