Dart Chart: Best practice users score highest on nursing home rating system

Reimbursement technology emphasizes working smarter, not harder

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(Milwaukee, Wisc.) – A new government rating system for nursing homes shows 100% of those using Dart Chart Documentation and Reimbursement Technology were in the two highest ranked categories, receiving either 4 or 5 stars, with the preponderance receiving 5 stars. Nationwide, only about 12% of all nursing homes achieved the coveted five star ranking. This includes the majority of nursing homes using Dart Chart technology during the three-year government ranking period. A Dart Chart Best Practice user is an MDS process owner who consistently manages compliance using the Dart Chart system.

“We know caregivers work very hard to provide good outcomes for nursing home residents,” said Linda Kunz, President, Dart Chart Systems, LLC. “Rather than making care givers work harder, Dart Chart helps ensure facilities receive the proper reimbursement for the care they are already providing. The increased resources result in better quality of care for residents.”

The new rating system, called Nursing Home Compare, (http://www.medicare.gov/) was designed primarily to help consumers compare long-term care (LTC) facilities. It is based on data collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. A nursing home can obtain up to five stars based on staffing levels, state inspections and overall quality.

“Dart Chart is a user-friendly, electronic charting system that enables care givers to more accurately track the care they are already providing, but in a more accurate manner that increases reimbursement,” said Kunz. “We help our customers get the reimbursement they deserve for the service they are already providing.”

Dart Chart is a web-based application for long-term care facilities. It is the only reimbursement technology of its kind offering a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).


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