Dairy Business Association: Wisconsin dairy … A powerful economic engine

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MADISON, WI — A recent press release distributed by the University of Wisconsin-Extension “is a real eye-opener,” said Laurie Fischer, Executive Director of Dairy Business Association (DBA). DBA is an organization that represents dairy producers, corporate and allied industry partners, and professionals working for Wisconsin’s dairy industry.

The report titled “The Contribution of Agriculture to the Wisconsin Economy” detailed that the dairy industry’s impact has grown to $26.5 billion, an increase of almost $6 billion from UW-Extension’s last analysis in 2004. Wisconsin’s dairy industry employment was reported at 146,216.

When asked about this unexpected $6 billion increase, DBA President Jerry Meissner stated that, “The dairy industry has long been one of the major engines of our state’s economy. Even during these difficult economic times, the dairy industry continues to maintain our employment base.”

The Extension’s report also noted that one in ten employees in the state are employed in agriculture industries and over $20 billon dollars or 9 percent of the total income of the state is generated by jobs agriculture creates.

“Dairy farm expansion has been the primary reason that the dairy industry continues to be so important to Wisconsin’s economy,” stated Laurie Fischer, DBA Executive Director. “Today, over half of the economic activity in the dairy industry is from the farms that have grown their herd size to 200 or more cows. DBA is pleased to have contributed to creating a business climate conducive to that expansion.”

About DBA

The Dairy Business Association is an industry organization comprised of dairy producers, corporate and allied industry supporters. DBA promotes the growth and success of all dairy farms in Wisconsin by fostering a positive business and political environment. For more information about DBA, please visit our website at http://www.widba.com.

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