Clean Wisconsin: State businesses speak out against the U.S. Chamber and in favor of a clean energy jobs bill

Contact: Katy Walter, 414‐852‐3680, [email protected]

MADISON – Business leaders from around Wisconsin have declared their support for a clean energy jobs bill, joining the growing number of American businesses criticizing the United States Chamber of Commerce on the issue.

“The U.S. Chamber does not speak for American business,” said Lisa Schaal, UrbanRE Vitalization Group, Milwaukee, a renewable energy firm. “Their comments and actions have been disturbing, and you have to wonder who they are speaking for.”

UrbanRE Vitalization Group, along with Middleton’s Sustainable Engineering Group, Sturgeon Bay’s Lake Michigan Wind and Sun, and Five Star Energy of Milwaukee, came together today with 1Sky and Clean Wisconsin to discuss the U.S. Chamber’s oppositional stance on climate change legislation and the need for a clean energy jobs bill.

“This is legislation we need. It will increase the number of jobs, improve energy efficiency, reduce our reliance on foreign energy, and decrease CO2 emissions, all while improving our worldwide status,” says Svein Morner, Sustainable Energy Group.

In recent weeks, major American businesses have resigned from the U.S. Chamber due to their anti‐climate change actions. These businesses include: Apple, Inc.; Exelon; PNM Resources; Pacific Gas and Electric Co.; PSE&G; and Levi Strauss & Co. Nike has resigned from the U.S. Chamber’s board and will quit the Chamber in 2010. Johnson&Johnson, General Electric, San Jose Chamber of Commerce, Alcoa, Duke, Entergy and Microsoft have all publicly stated the U.S. Chamber doesn’t represent their views on climate.

The fact that leading companies such as Apple and Nike are taking a stand against the U.S. Chamber is important, as these companies are engaged in the practical realities of running a global business, balancing a budget, and meeting a bottom line. These businesses understand that in order to remain a leader in the world economy, our country must invest in the clean energy of the future. New and fresh ideas like energy independence and investment in renewables will bring us back from the economic brink.

Five Star Energy’s Kent Borden knows about bottom line. Demand at Five Star Energy, which provides home weatherization and energy efficient audits, is “highenough qualified contractors to perform the work. This sh commitment to clean energy and clean energy jobs.

“The days of inexpensive, heavily subsidized fossil fuel energy are waning,” said John Hoppensteel of Lake Michigan Wind and Sun, which has been installing renewable energy systems for 30 years. “From a purely economic aspect, we can increase the viability of our country, while creating sound jobs, with a clean energy jobs bill. These are jobs that should be driving and benefiting not just the U.S., but the whole world.”

“I stand with the major companies that support a clean energy bill, and realize that the most important business of the 21st century is one of clean, renewable energy solutions that will revitalize our economy and put people back to work.” said Schaal.