Clean Wisconsin: Senate votes tomorrow on legislation that would create green jobs

Contact: Ryan Schryver, Clean Energy Advocate; cell: 262-949-6436

Assembly Vote Scheduled for Wednesday

MADISON — The Senate will vote on a piece of legislation Tuesday that will create new jobs, generate new investments in our state’s economy and encourage new renewable energy businesses to locate in Wisconsin. Senate Bill 185, or wind siting legislation, will bring family-supporting jobs to the state while replacing the patchwork of local regulations with sensible statewide standards for permitting wind farms.

At the same time, Democratic representatives of the Assembly will hold a press conference Tuesday at 10:30 to share their job creation agenda for Wisconsin; wind siting plays a crucial role in their plan. The Assembly votes on the bill Wednesday.

In early August, the bill passed the Senate Committee on Commerce, Energy, Utilities and Rail 6-1. In June, it passed the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities 10-2.

“This legislation will create jobs, generate clean energy and put us on the path to energy independence,” says Ryan Schryver, clean energy advocate for Clean Wisconsin, the state’s largest environmental advocacy organization. “Wisconsin has lost a record number of jobs in recent months, and this legislation is a needed mechanism to re-create some of the jobs the state has lost.”

Wind siting legislation will be a key driver in creating and capturing new jobs here. Wisconsin’s current permitting system discourages the development of small- and medium-sized wind farms, placing the state at a disadvantage in this growing industry as wind developers take their projects to neighboring states. The wind energy industry grew immensely in 2008, increasing its national workforce by 70 percent to over 85,000 workers. Senate Bill 185/Assembly Bill 256, when passed, will bring some of these jobs to Wisconsin, boost our economy, and provide clean, safe and affordable energy.

Key events on Tuesday, Sept. 15

Assembly Jobs Creation Press Conference: 10:30 a.m., Assembly Parlor

Senate Bill 185 Vote: 12 p.m., Senate Chamber

Key events on Wednesday, Sept. 16

Assembly Bill 256 Vote: 12 p.m., Assembly Chamber