Centrose: Expands facility and adds jobs

MADISON, Wis. August 13, 2009 — Centrose, a biotechnology company that is applying scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of sugar chemistry and sugar biology in order to rapidly develop a diverse pipeline of proprietary therapeutics announced today that it has opened its fully functional biological testing facility. The expansion will now allow Centrose to run biological testing of its proprietary sugar enhanced drug leads in- house. The facility will also provide Centrose the capability to grow and isolate specific proteins needed for its CarboConnect Platform.

After raising additional seed financing earlier this year, Centrose management began plans to expand its capabilities. In May, Centrose began hiring the additional staff required to staff the facility and began the build out. The new facility which nearly doubles Centrose’s research and development space is adjacent to its current chemistry department within the Old Sauk Trails Business Park on Madison’s near west side. The facility will be used to produce proprietary proteins and enzymes, expand its screening capabilities and begin biological testing of its leads. Centrose currently has additional positions that need to be filled to allow full implementation of its plans but expects those positions to be filled soon.

“The new facility drastically expands our capabilities and will now allow us to fully exploit our intellectual property,” said James Prudent, Chief Executive Officer of Centrose. “Prior to having these capabilities, we had to focus on the chemistry and out source key testing programs. Now we can work at the interface between chemistry and biology within Centrose”.

About Centrose: Centrose delivers commercially relevant technology for the attachment of any sugar molecule to any compound. Centrose owns exclusive chemistry that allows it’s chemists to exploit the power of unnatural sugar chemistry for drug discovery. Sugars are critical to the regulation of biological processes and pathways in the human body, and play fundamental roles in drug action. Naturally derived drugs containing sugar molecules typically become inactive when the sugars are removed. To expand on this, Centrose has found that many drugs, even those not containing natural sugars can be enhanced when unnatural sugars are attached. Centrose owns a broad set of patents and patent applications covering novel drug leads and platform methodology.


James Prudent, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer,

Centrose LLC

(608) 209-8933