Bucketworks: As economy sags, Bucketworks lifts people up with opportunities

An Uncommon Opportunity

Bucketworks, the world’s first health club for the brain, is responding to the challenge of the current economic times. In partnership with other businesses and non-profits, an effort is on the way to create hundreds of new opportunities for unemployed workers.

The world is rapidly shifting to a knowledge economy, and Bucketworks helps people to become proficient as knowledge workers. A combination of formal training and hands on practice in real business settings allows the program to be free and self-funded, while ensuring high quality learning.

The business partners in this program benefit from high quality rapid business analysis and improvement at the fraction of the cost of traditional consulting.

The participants receive top notch experience at the forefront of innovative business practice development through the Bucket Brigade, a professional services network providing social, educational, and cultural media design and transformation to a variety of organizational clients both locally and nationally.

Participants also get the benefit of a Bucketworks Pro membership, including full use Bucketworks facilities, such as the FlowSpace, a meeting and collaboration environment; the Entrepreneur’s Greenhouse, a co-working business environment; the FabLab, a hands on project environment; the PlaySpace, an infinitely customizable performance environment; and the Café, a social gathering environment to launch their success.

Anyone who is currently unemployed or severely underemployed can stop at Bucketworks any Friday between 2 and 4 pm for an on-the-spot interview.


Oleg Tumarkin, Business Coach

Futureworks, a Nekes Corp


[email protected]