BIZremedies: New site offers economic solution by marketing and matching consultants with businesses

Brookfield, WI–With employment freezes still in effect, hiring a consultant to complete a short-term initiative makes sense, but only if a business knows they are hiring a consultant that can create results in a cost effective and efficient manner. helps businesses select consultants that can advance their company’s strategic plan by qualifying their consultants through a course, guaranteeing they have a business best practice model that creates results, along with proper assessment tools to address a company’s root needs versus symptoms. After passing the course and receiving their BIZremedies Silver Seal, qualified consultants are given permission to become an Expert Blogger, lead Forums and upload their Business Best Practices, in printable, audio and video format for businesses to preview in the online BIZ Library. To create an in-person connection, qualified consultants can conduct Lunch and Learn Programs nationally through their 450 training sites for only $15 per program/per person (also offered through WebEx).

Businesses can benefit from the online/on-time business tips from nationally renowned consultants such as Disney Institute, Ken Blanchard Company and Wilson Learning, along with local expert consultants in varying fields. They can also strategically grow their businesses by listing projects-for-hire in the RFP section, allowing consultants to bid on them. “There is a great talent pool out there and we want to help businesses find the right tips and consultant, so they can grow yet keep their company lean-sized,” says Wehrley, Organizational Development Consultant and Founder of .

In addition, BIZremedies offers a course to teach businesses how to hire a consultant to match their Strategic initiatives and culture. Peter Petit, owner of Swing Research, LLC said, “To me, the most compelling aspect of the BIZremedies site is its aspiration to become the go-to place for businesses and consultants seeking each other. I was pleasantly surprised to find several promising RFPs on my very first visit to the site.”

Members pay as low as $300 per year for the Premier Membership, after a 30-day Free Trial, and get 50% off their membership when they attend the “Become a Qualified Consultant” or the “Strategic Alignment” course, available during a Lunch and Learn Program for only $15 in-person or $195 online. Courses start as early as Friday, August and Friday, August 21st, respectively, and are held from noon- 1 PM in Brookfield or available through WebEx upon request. Other dates are listed on the site. The networking portion of the site is always free.


Susan K. Wehrley

[email protected]