AT&T: Turns up the volume on cell phone recycling for Veterans Day

Invites Wisconsin Wireless Users To Recycle Wireless Phones and Provide Free Phone Cards to Military Members Away from Home

WHAT: AT&T is honoring veterans by inviting local wireless users in Madison and throughout Wisconsin to recycle cell phones in its 21 stores in the state – including four stores in the Madison and Janesville area. AT&T’s recycling program supports Cell Phones for Soldiers, a charity that uses recycling proceeds to buy and send free phone cards to military members stationed away from home.

During an event at the Veteran’s Museum in Madison on Tuesday, November 10th local veterans and military families will join Senator Mark Miller, AT&T Wisconsin State President Scott T. VanderSanden, and the AT&T Pioneers – a volunteer group of AT&T employees and retirees — to launch a statewide holiday donation drive, with the first phones being donated on site in Madison. In an effort to support military families with more free phone cards, AT&T is asking Wisconsin wireless users to recycle their used phones through the holidays.

WHEN:* Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 11:00 a.m.

WHERE: * Wisconsin Veterans Museum, 30 West Mifflin Street, Madison, Wisconsin

WHY: AT&T is inviting local wireless users to join the recycling mission because it helps a great cause: Every time you recycle a used wireless phone with AT&T, part of the proceeds support Cell Phones for Soldiers, a charity that uses the proceeds from recycling to send free prepaid phone cards to troops overseas. Since July 2008, recycling has helped the charity send more than 350,000 free phone cards to military members away from home. With your help, AT&T will match its 2008 recycling totals with the charity, year to year, through 2010, aiming to provide CPFS with $1 million in proceeds in that time.

VISUALS: * Remarks from AT&T Wisconsin State President Scott T. VanderSanden; Senator Mark Miller, a former military pilot in the Air National Guard who retired in 1995 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; Cindy Berg, a mother whose son is serving in Afghanistan

* Event participants dropping the first recycled cell phones into recycling bins.

* Handing out of several prepaid phone cards similar to those sent by Cell Phones for Soldiers to military members and families at the event.

* Interviews also available with key speakers, veterans, and military family.

HOW CAN YOU RECYCLE? 1. In stores: All AT&T company stores provide recycling bins for the cause. These offer visitors not only a drop-off spot but also free prepaid mailing envelopes they can use to recycle more phones and accessories – or share with others.

2. Online: Via users can download and print free prepaid shipping labels. If they don’t have printers, they can request free prepaid mailing envelopes that will be mailed to them. They can also access a tool that provides directions for removing personal data from wireless phones.

CONTACT: Jeff Bentoff, AT&T Wisconsin

Phone: 414-227-6985