Athletic Club of Madison: Opens in Weston Place building off University Avenue


Harley Mork, General Manager

(608) 231-3000

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State-of-the art facility provides affordable fitness center option to Madison’s near west side

Madison, WI – March 10, 2009 – The Athletic Club of Madison has opened its doors at 625 N. Segoe Road off of University Avenue in the Weston Place Building. The Club is owned by Mario Chmiel, and is managed by veteran gym and fitness club executive Harley Mork.

The approximately 20,000 square-foot Athletic Club of Madison contains 3 group fitness studios and offers some of the area’s most advanced fitness and exercise equipment. The Club caters to clients of all fitness levels and to a wide variety of member needs. Members can choose to workout on their own, they can participate in group exercise classes, and they can schedule time with the Club’s personal trainers (trainers are experts in the areas of endurance, body-building, performance training, and all-around health and fitness).

Owner Mario Chmiel explained how he selected the location for his club. “While I have been living in the Chicago area for some time, over the past two decades I have been visiting south central Wisconsin while on vacation and have grown to love the area. I started to think about business ideas for Madison that would give me an excuse to come up here more frequently,” Chmiel continued, “and found that there was a big opportunity on the near-west side of town for an athletic club. One thing led to another, and here I am, opening up the Athletic Club of Madison.”

General Manager Harley Mork was brought into the project for his years of experience operating athletic clubs and gyms across the country. Mork talked about the timing of the Club opening and the opportunity it has presented. “We live in a community where people are very aware of the need to maintain good physical health and well-being, and we live at a time when people watch how they spend their money,” said Mork. “Our goal with the Club is to open a completely modern facility in a great location – there is no club like this on the near-west side of town – and offer affordable membership rates to the public. There has been demand in Madison for a fitness facility in a convenient location, not far from downtown. This Club fits that geographic need and is a real opportunity for Madisonians to join a premium gym without a premium price.”

The Athletic Club of Madison also has a special program in place where the Club can work with a prospective member, even if he or she still has remaining time on a contract with another Madison-area gym. Mork explained that “people have been very excited to hear about the new Club opening, but are unsure how to handle existing contracts with other local gyms. We have a program in place and help new members make the transfer to Athletic Club of Madison even if currently a member of another gym.”

Open seven days a week, the Club provides a wide array of services for members including unlimited free access to group exercise classes, childcare, tanning services, massage therapy, and a lounge with free wireless access. Athletic Club of Madison offers senior and student discounts, executive locker rooms with steam rooms, and free towel service. The Club will soon open a shake bar / coffee shop. The Club also offers free underground parking in the Weston Place Building.

About The Athletic Club of Madison

The Athletic Club of Madison offers some of the area’s most advanced fitness equipment, in its approximately 20,000 square foot location in the Weston Place Building on Madison’s near west side. The Club offers certified personal trainers and a wide array of group classes in its three group fitness studios, including yoga, pilates, spinning, and high energy classes, plus an extensive menu of premium services. Located at 625 N. Segoe Road, Madison, WI 53705. Phone 608-231-3000 or visit