Arts Wisconsin: Announces Arts in the Community Awards

— Presented in partnership with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Wisconsin Alliance of Cities, and Wisconsin Towns Association —

Contact: Anne Katz, Arts Wisconsin

608 255 8316 | [email protected]

Arts Wisconsin has announced the establishment of the Arts in the Community Awards, highlighting and promoting community-based support of the arts in Wisconsin villages, towns and cities, and honor civic leaders who have encouraged and supported innovative approaches to using the arts to build and sustain vibrant, healthy, creative communities. The award showcases programs, and champions, that may be viewed as models or best practices for other communities.

The awards are presented by Arts Wisconsin in partnership with:

* League of Wisconsin Municipalities

* Wisconsin Alliance of Cities

* Wisconsin Towns Association

Arts Wisconsin is particularly interested in honoring villages, towns and cities – and their elected and civic leaders – demonstrating an overall commitment to supporting the arts and partnering with the local arts community to positively impact the lives of all citizens.

At least two awards will be made each year, toa village, town and city with over 20,000 population and under 20,000 population. Additional awards may be made at the discretion of the review committee.

The awards will honor demonstrable, ongoing commitment to the arts by business and government leaders, agencies and organizations, heavy commitment of volunteer resources, addressing a clearly defined community need, tangible results, broad and diverse community support, and innovation and creativity in integrating the arts with civic strategies and plans.

“We are very pleased to be making these wards in partnership with the League of Municipalities, Alliance of Cities, and Towns Association,” said Peter Crawford, Arts Wisconsin President. “This is a great opportunity for Wisconsin to recognize and celebrate 21st century creative and cultural economic and community development, and the civic officials leading the way, at the local level.”

Awardees will receive an award plaque and recognition at Arts Wisconsin’s annual Arts Day in March 2010 and during the annual conferences of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Wisconsin Alliance of Cities, or Wisconsin Towns Association, all taking place in summer-fall 2009.

Organizations and government agencies may self-nominate or individuals, nonprofit organizations, agencies or businesses may nominate a community and elected official/civic leader.

The deadline for applications is August 15, 2009. For more information on the awards and the application process, contact Arts Wisconsin at 608 255 8316 | [email protected] |