American Rights at Work Education Fund: Wisconsin Vision featured in 2009 Labor Day list


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New Berlin Company Commended for Supporting the Employee Free Choice Act

(Washington, DC) – Companies across the nation are weathering our economic storm by working closer and harder than ever with their strongest asset – their employees. In observance of Labor Day, the American Rights at Work Education Fund publicizes successful union and management partnerships in its fifth annual Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work. New Berlin-based Wisconsin Vision, Inc., is one of the companies recognized this year for its dedication to providing sustainable wages and family-friendly benefits, respecting workers’ rights and decisions to form unions, and speaking out on the need for others to follow suit. Wisconsin Vision, like all of the companies featured in the report, supports the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation that protects workers and enables long-term growth for American businesses.

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“Labor Day List employers like Wisconsin Vision show that productive labor relations benefit workers, their families, and the company’s bottom line,” says Kimberly Freeman, Acting Executive Director of the American Rights at Work Education Fund. She adds, “Without a doubt, economic success does not have to come at the expense of workers’ rights. That’s why we chose to showcase companies that have demonstrated their unyielding support for the Employee Free Choice Act, which is fundamental to rebuilding our economy and empowering workers to achieve the American Dream.”

Wisconsin Vision operates full-service optical eye care centers throughout the Midwest. Established in 1978, the eye care provider’s 130 union employees formed a union with the United Food and Commercial Workers, a choice respected by their employer. As a result, they earn salaries above the industry averages, have access to health, dental, vision, and retirement benefits. They also are guaranteed paid vacation, sick days, and family and medical leave.

Darren Horndasch, President of Wisconsin Vision, believes, “If our employees are happy and knowledgeable, they are going to have a great interaction with patients. That’s great for business because it builds relationships with our patients.” Horndasch has publicly supported the Employee Free Choice Act to show that entrepreneurs and small businesses can benefit from such productive partnerships when workers are given a free choice to form a union.

Other employers profiled include American Income Life Insurance Company (Waco, TX), Ivory Leathers, Inc. (West Fargo, ND), Morton Williams Supermarkets (New York, NY), McGuire Scenic (Indianapolis, IN), Print & Copy Center (Verona, PA), Raymond’s Painting and Decorating, Inc. (Denver, CO), and West Sheet Metal Company (Sterling, VA).

Wisconsin Vision represents a growing community of responsible businesses that play by the rules, and want policies that encourage others to do so as well, so they’re not competing on an unlevel field. According to Freeman,“Measures like the Employee Free Choice Act will give more workers a choice to join unions, giving them the financial means to support the small businesses that help drive the engine of our economy.”

The 2009 Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work is a project of the American Rights at Work Education Fund’s Socially Responsible Business Program. For a complete copy of the report, visit For interview requests, please contact Josh Goldstein at 202-822-2127 ext. 118, 954-254-4900 (cell), or [email protected].


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