Alpha Source Inc.: Wisconsin medical device company implements 2 new recycling programs

Milwaukee, WI (May 20, 2009) – Alpha Source, Inc. a global medical device distributor based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently implemented 2 recycling programs with the dual purpose of promoting customer savings and preserving the environment.

Working in partnership with Maxtec, an Oxygen Sensor manufacturer, and Elite Energy Distribution, a Wisconsin-based recycling company, Alpha Source customers can now recycle oxygen sensors and batteries.

For every 12 Oxygen Sensors sent in, Alpha Source customers receive a sensor for free. Once received by Maxtec, the small amount of platinum and lead content inside the sensor element is recovered and recycled.

The Alpha Source Battery Recycling Program gives customers a safe way to dispose of used batteries, promotes keeping used batteries out of landfills where they can become an environmental hazard and lowers the risk of exposure to liability by ensuring compliance with environmental and hazardous waste transportation regulations.

Alpha Source, Inc. is a global distributor and manufacturer of new and replacement medical devices and accessories specializing in Xenon & Replacement Lamps and Batteries. Established in 1986, Alpha Source is an ISO13485:2003 battery pack manufacturer with an emphasis on products used in medical applications.


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