Alliant Energy: Wins safety awards

Company works toward zero injuries

Contact: Nancy Craig (319) 786-4788

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – September 16, 2009 – Alliant Energy recently received two awards from the National Safety Council (NSC). The first was the Occupational Excellence Achievement Award, which requires applicants to have a lost time incident rate equal to or less than 50 percent of the Bureau of Labor Statistics rate for their North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code.

Alliant Energy also received the Industry Leader Award – an award which cannot be applied for. The Industry Leader Award recognizes the top five percent of participants in the NSC Occupational Excellence Achievement Award program. Winners are selected based on NAICS code, lowest total incidence rate and employee work hours.

“I truly feel that the main reasons we received these awards is the implementation of the SafeStart program, our Strains & Sprains reduction project and the continued advancement of our Zero Injuries philosophy,” said Mark Hawley, Manager – Safety and Health Services, Alliant Energy. “These awards are great recognition for Alliant Energy and our belief in the Zero Injuries philosophy that even one employee injury is too many.”

In addition to the required OSHA and specific job training, Alliant Energy introduced SafeStart Safety Training to all employees in 2007. The SafeStart program is designed to help employees regain their focus on the importance of safety in the workplace and at home.

The program seems to have had a definite impact. Comparing 2009 YTD statistics to the same time frame in 2008, Alliant Energy has experienced a 29 percent reduction in OSHA Recordable Cases, a 38 percent reduction in First Aid Cases and a 35 percent reduction in all injuries. The company also experienced a reduction of approximately 48 percent in the number of lost work days and anticipates a significant reduction in worker compensation costs.

Many employees work in potentially dangerous situations, building and maintaining Alliant Energy’s electric and natural gas infrastructure. Community members are also at risk if they don’t understand the hazards of electricity and natural gas. Alliant Energy recognizes these risks and is dedicated to keeping employees and customers safe through training, education and awareness.