ADC: GIS routing company and logistics firm launch new routing, tracking and customer ETA tool

EAU CLAIRE, WI AND DENVER, CO – A revolutionary new online, real-time tracking and routing tool was unveiled today by Extra Trax, LLC and Applied Data Consultants, Inc. (ADC) and is being launched by Elite Logistics, Inc., a leading driver staffing firm in Denver, Colo.

The Elite EXTRA (Extreme Tracking and Routing Application) tool uses the latest in open source geospatial technologies to streamline the automotive parts’ delivery system. Advanced geospatial algorithms calculate delivery routes and route orders, helping dispatchers to determine the optimal routes for their drivers.

According to Jim Ward, President of Extra Trax and ADC CEO, the EXTRA system offers a powerful, yet light weight, cost-effective solution for all industries that transport goods or services.

“We looked to experts in the logistics’ industry to tell us what they wanted and needed to streamline their operations,” said Ward. “Unlike other routing applications, EXTRA is clean, easy-to-use, and does not include the unnecessary add-ons that make other systems complex, clunky and costly.”

The first release of the system – EXTRA V1.0 – was developed exclusively for the auto part delivery industry with extensive input from Brent LaFave, Owner and President of Elite Logistics, who has over 12 years of experience in the logistics’ service industry. Elite Logistics has 14 in-town or hot shot drivers, and nine out-of-town or scheduled run drivers using the system.

LaFave said he was looking for a web-based system that would create automated optimal routes, track drivers, and provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for customers.

“Our clients depend on us to deliver their parts in a timely and efficient manner,” said LaFave. “EXTRA will not only improve our operational services and productivity, it is an additional service for our clients and their customers who will be able to track the ETA of their parts.”

The system provides a real-time visual display of all routes – active and inactive, planned and unplanned – and allows dispatchers to not only manually set the stop order, but also to add pick ups or deliveries after a route has commenced.

EXTRA allows dispatchers and customer service representatives to view driver location and pickup and delivery details instantly from their route tracking screens. One dispatcher can easily manage additional vehicles over multiple locations with the easy-to-use dashboard. The EXTRA system communicates with drivers via web-enabled cell phones that display their daily route manifests after a simple log-in.

In contrast to most product tracking systems, not only can end-customers view their daily delivery status, but they can also view an Estimated Time of Arrival, or ETA, in real-time.

Additionally, pick up and delivery times are entered into the delivery routing system and immediately queued for assignment and delivery. This provides customers immediate access to real-time information about their pick ups and deliveries.

According to Ward, EXTRA costs less upfront, and is less per driver than comparable software packages.

“In today’s downturned economy and with the distribution industry becoming increasingly competitive, we developed EXTRA to ensure that the return on investment for our clients would be significant,” said Ward. “EXTRA provides a quality and robust delivery system at an affordable cost.”

LaFave agreed, saying he expects a considerable return on investment with the system through:

* Increased routing efficiencies, which decreases the amount of money needed for salaries and gas;

* Reductions in data entry time through the need for just one invoice number; and

* Elimination of ETA phone calls from customers, which allows dispatchers to perform other duties.

“Being in this Industry for over 12 years, we have never encountered a tool that is so efficient, effective, and user friendly as Elite Extra,” said LaFave. “We believe it truly raises us above our competition and will pay for itself immediately.”

The EXTRA system is hosted at ADC’s Eau Claire headquarters and is monitored 24/7 by the same software engineers who built the system.

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