Adams Outdoor Advertising: City of Sun Prairie and Adams Outdoor Advertising agree to billboard valuation for personal property taxes

Contact: Chris Eigenberger

General Manager

Adams Outdoor Advertising


MADISON, WI. The City of Sun Prairie and Adams Outdoor Advertising have reached an agreement relating to the valuation of Adams billboards located in the City of Sun Prairie for personal property tax purposes.

Adams Outdoor Advertising’s sign structures were the subject of litigation over the methodology used by the City to value its structures. The City had been utilizing an income approach to value the billboards. Adams had contended that approach was improper, and the City should utilize the cost / less depreciation approach, which is the standard methodology used to value billboards.

On March 31st, Dane County Circuit Judge C. William Foust rendered a decision in the Adams Outdoor Advertising v. City of Madison billboard tax assessment case in favor of Adams Outdoor Advertising, which paved the way for negotiations between Sun Prairie and Adams Outdoor Advertising.

Chris Eigenberger, General Manager of Adams Outdoor Advertising in Madison, said “I am extremely pleased that we have come to an agreement with the City of Sun Prairie relating to this long standing dispute. We now look forward to building on this agreement and look forward to additional ventures with the City of Sun Prairie”.