Aberdean Consulting: FlexTec service in place at Metro Innovation Center in downtown Madison

Contact: Jim Blair 608-204-9620

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MADISON – Aberdean Consulting LLC has partnered with University Research Park and Madison Gas & Electric to offer FlexTec, a managed virtual network service, to stimulate development of software start-ups in URP’s new Metro Innovation Center.

Aberdean Consulting has made its “FlexTec” service available to tenants of the Metro Innovation Center, 1245 E. Washington Ave. This landmark factory building has come back to life as a high-tech business incubator, complete with 10 suites equipped with the latest voice and data technology as well as two conference rooms and a small kitchen.

The partnership combines more than $50,000 in investments by all three companies to bring the service to the new innovation center. FlexTec is available to software start-up tenants with a Microsoft Small Business Server. It also makes available to tenants other application and test servers, as well as virtual desktop computers on an as needed basis. A key attribute of FlexTec is reducing the upfront capital needed to build the network infrastructure, thus reducing the personal financial risk that entrepreneurs need to do as they start their business.

“It is really exciting to see a concept we have worked diligently on the last three years come to realization with the new Metro Innovation Center,” said Jim Blair, managing partner at Aberdean Consulting. “The idea of providing a managed IT network at an area incubator is something we believed was possible when we started the company.”

Founded in 2003, Aberdean Consulting LLC recently celebrated the fifth year in business. In December 2008, the readers of IN Business Magazine named Aberdean one of the top three “Local IT Consulting Firms.”

Aberdean announced in November 2008 Metro Innovation Center tenants will also be eligible for the Microsoft BizSparks program. BizSparks encourages software companies to use Microsoft technologies for their product and service development. The program sparks innovation by reducing the amount of the start-up capital required by these companies. BizSparks companies do not pay for development tools during their formative stage. At the end of three years, a participating company must acquire licenses and pay a $100 program exit fee.