2009 Innovation Retrokits and Masters TV inc.: National car show comes to Germantown, Wisconsin

Everyone Welcome!

Germantown, Wisconsin (July 8, 2009)- On August 1, 2009 Innovation Retrokits and Masters TV inc. will be filming a segment, to be aired in the “Mothers Car Show Series” on August 23, 2009. It will be nationally broadcast on Fox Sports Network, showing the application of a retrokit. This episode will display the changing of a 1991 Chevy truck to look like a 1966 by adding a front clip and a roof kit. As the filming takes place in the shop at Innovation Mold & Design, there will be a car show on the grounds outside sponsored by Mother Car Show Series. There will be raffle drawings throughout the car show, and best of show plaque awarded. This is a public car show, so if you are interested in showcasing your car on national TV please visit our website at www.innovationretrokits.com for registration sheets or more information. The cost of registration is 25.00 per car. This event is open to the public at no cost for viewing.