Wisconsin’s Largest Online High School Reaches Out as Open Enrollment Period Draws to a Close

Families invited to attend open houses – online or in person at events around the state

WAUKESHA, Wis., Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Wisconsin’s largest online high school, iQ Academy, is conducting open houses across the state during open enrollment, which concludes Friday, February 22, 2008. Each year, Wisconsin students have the opportunity to enroll in other public schools outside their home district, tuition free, if they complete an application during open enrollment.

“iQ Academy provides a high-quality high school option for Wisconsin students seeking maximum flexibility,” said Kristine Diener, principal of iQ Academy. “The online environment caters to a wide range of students, including previously homeschooled students, athletes, performers and others with busy travel or work schedules, students with special needs and students seeking Advanced Placement courses or electives unavailable in their local school district.”

For the past six years, online schools have offered Wisconsin students a high-quality and innovative educational choice. In response to a ruling against Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WiVA), online schools have enjoyed a renewed surge of support in the community and government, and legislation is expected to pass in the State Legislature that will ensure online schools continue to thrive in Wisconsin.

“We were pleased at the broad-based support that emerged for online education over the last few months,” said Lisa McClure, Director of iQ Academy Wisconsin. “It is clear that online education is a vitally important public education option for many families. Wisconsin families can rest assured that iQ Academy students will continue to receive the same high-quality education that they have come to expect from the experienced, state-certified teachers of the Waukesha School District.”

iQ Academy enrolls over 1,100 students from diverse backgrounds and provides them with a high-quality, tuition-free education that provides maximum flexibility. The award-winning curriculum offers core courses such as English and math, along with extensive Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Unique curriculum offerings — such as virtual science labs, aviation science and forensic science, along with a wide-range of foreign language courses for everything from Spanish to Chinese — provide students with unparalleled classroom opportunities.

“iQ Academy is proud to offer students one of the state’s widest selections of Advanced Placement, science and foreign language courses,” said Lisa McClure, Director of iQ Academy. “Our extensive and unique curriculum offerings provide students with opportunities that they likely would not have in a traditional school setting.”

Teachers and students from iQ Academy are hosting a series of open houses across the state this month, allowing prospective students to ask questions about the online high school and see a demonstration of how the school operates and what a virtual classroom looks like. Students can also participate in virtual open houses online.

Wisconsin students can receive free tuition at iQ Academy by submitting an open enrollment form to the School District of Waukesha prior to the 4PM February 22nd deadline. Students are under no obligation until summer when they officially enroll. Once enrolled, students receive a laptop computer, printer and textbooks required for their courses. As in traditional public schools, these learning tools are provided to students at no cost for as long as they are enrolled in iQ Academy Wisconsin.

A complete open house schedule is attached. For more information about iQ Academy or to participate in a virtual open house, please visit http://www.iqacademywi.com/ or call 1-866-468-6472.


iQ Academy high school launched in Spring 2004 under a charter issued by the Waukesha Public School District in Waukesha, Wisconsin and in partnership with KC Distance Learning, Inc. The iQ partnership is built on the local education expertise of the Waukesha Public School District, which serves over 13,000 children annually, and the distance learning track record of KC Distance Learning, Inc., which has over 30 years experience in distance learning having educated over 200,000 high school children.

                      iQ Academy Open House Schedule


Day Date Time City Location Room Address

Saturday Feb. 16 Noon – Oak Milwaukee Building A 6665 S.
3 PM Creek Technical Lecture Howell Ave.
College Hall Rm

Saturday Feb. 16 Noon – Menomonee Holiday Wilson 1815 N.
3 PM Manor Inn Room Broadway

Saturday Feb. 16 Noon – Appleton Comfort Winnebego 3809 W.
3 PM Suites Wisconsin

Sunday Feb. 17 1 – Fond du Marian Sodexo 45 National
3:30 PM Lac College Dining Ave.
Stayer Center

Sunday Feb. 17 1 – Madison Comfort Wingra 1253 John
3:30 PM Suites Yahahra Q. Hammons

Sunday Feb. 17 1 – Stevens Country Salon D 1501
3:30 PM Point Springs Northpoint
Hotel Dr.

Tuesday Feb. 19 6 – Burlington AmericInn 2709 Browns
8 PM Lake Rd.

Wednesday Feb. 20 6 – Waukesha Carroll Student 100 N.
8 PM College Union East Ave.

For information:
Marie Maas, (414) 390-5500
[email protected]

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