Wisconsin Based K2 Sourcing Named as a Top Supply Chain Innovator by Leading Business Magazine

MILWAUKEE, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ — For the second year running, Wisconsin based K2 Sourcing, a supply chain software and strategic sourcing consulting service provider, is named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazines top supply chain innovators.

K2 Sourcing received the honor in recognition of their commitment to educate organizations of all size to understand the tremendous positive impact web-based sourcing applications can have on supply chain cost management, the procurement department’s productivity, and new product time to market.

The fact is, Matthew Miller CEO of K2 Sourcing states, “In sum, the purchase of goods and services is the largest single expenditure within most organizations. Therefore the single largest impact on company profitability is how well the procurement process is managed.”

Large companies have known this for some time, and most of the Fortune 1000 have been using eSourcing technology for several years. While K2 Sourcing currently conducts business with fortune 1000’s, K2 Sourcing was awarded the honor for their commitment to educate, develop, and provide solutions that can benefit almost any organization regardless of size.

Traditionally, the main issue with mid-size and small organizations using eSourcing has been cost. The problem for eSourcing providers is servicing large organizations requires providing large solutions. It is hard for a service provider to bring costs into alignment to serve the small and mid size organizations.

K2 Sourcing is able to break through this cost barrier by providing a 100% web-based solution (no software required) that is extremely scaleable. K2 Sourcing also created automated training methods that improve the customer experience while driving down support costs.

Miller states, “Having an easy to demonstrate return on investment is not enough. Companies, many previously burned, maintain a healthy cynicism regarding software applications. To meet our commitment to educate all sized organizations about the benefits of eSourcing we had to offer more. We needed to all but eliminate risk.”

K2 Sourcing accomplished this goal by providing organizations free access to the fully functional version of Supplier I-Forms. “We then decided to do something no other eSourcing provider would do. K2 Sourcing offered an unconditional money-back performance guarantee on the eSourcing platform.”

The results have been interesting. Showing quarter on quarter record growth primarily fueled by mid-market organizations, K2 Sourcing has only seen a slight up tick in small organization activity. However Miller states, “when smaller organizations feel ready, we are here to help them understand and see first hand what eSourcing can do for their business.”

About K2 Sourcing

Located in Belgium, Wisconsin K2 Sourcing enables companies to realize best supplier value and accelerate profitable growth. Spend Managers make more informed decisions faster with on demand eSourcing technology and expert strategic sourcing support. Read more about K2 Sourcing and sign-up for free access to I-Forms at http://www.k2sourcing.com/

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