WisBusiness: Tax group releases ‘competitiveness’ report card


Wisconsin scored an overall B-/C+ for its competitiveness with other states, according to a report from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

The nonpartisan group graded 33 “subjects” in six categories — economic health, business climate, environmental quality, quality of life, workforce excellence, and public sector

Of the 33 measures, Wisconsin had four grades in the A range, 12 each in the B and C ranges, and five
in the D range. The average grade over all measures was just below 2.5, or a B-/C+. The two areas with the
strongest grades were quality of life (averaging about a B) and workforce excellence (B- average).
“A” grades included those for health insurance coverage (A-), student test scores, highway conditions
(A-), and air emissions (pounds per capita). Wisconsin has one of the highest insured rates in the nation and is
still improving.

See release: http://www.wisbusiness.com/index.iml?Article=126202