WisBusiness: Ryan not giving up on GM return to Janesville

By WisBusiness.com staff

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan isn’t giving up hope that ailing automaker GM might return to Janesville someday and gave credit  Monday to UAW Local 95 for putting a competitive package together.

“All other things being equal, I think we have a very good dialog and we have a pretty good chance of getting something successful,” Ryan, R-Janesville, told a WisPolitics.com luncheon at the Madison Club. “But all other things aren’t equal, and GM is fighting for their own survival. That’s our problem.”

Ryan said couldn’t get into details of the negotiations between General Motors and a task force appointed by Gov. Jim Doyle.

“If it weren’t for (the union), if it weren’t for their leadership and the contract they cut, which is the most competitive contract in America, we wouldn’t even be in the hunt with this,” he said.

Ryan said other plans are being pursued should the prospect of a new GM line opening in Janesville fall through.

“Of course we’re working on plans B and C simultaneously. We’ve got other irons in the fire, other people we’re talking to, other ideas and plans and other companies we’re talking to right now simultaneously to this GM project,” Ryan said.