WisBusiness: Doyle appoints leaders of effort to save Janesville GM plant


Gov. Jim Doyle has appointed UAW Local 95 President Brad Dutcher and community leader and school board member Tim Cullen to lead the effort to keep Janesville’s GM plant open.

Cullen is a former state Senate majority leader and also served as secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services.

GM announced earlier this month it plans to close the SUV- and truck-building facility by 2010, if not sooner. Earlier this year, GM said it would end one of the plant’s two shifts and lay off more than 750 workers of the current 2,667 employees by this fall.

The pair coordinate federal, state and local resources with other stakeholders to maintain GM’s presence in Janesville, Doyle said.

See release: http://www.wisbusiness.com/index.iml?Article=129453