WisBusiness: Big Crawford County pig farm approved

By Gregg Hoffmann

PRAIRIE du CHIEN – A Crawford County committee voted unanimously to issue a license to a rural Wauzeka farmer who wants to establish a concentrated animal pig feeding operation with 2,900 animal units.

The Land Conservation, Planning and Zoning Committee delayed action before the end of the year on the request from A.V. Roth, who currently operates a 1,450 pig operation.

The vote in favor of the operation came after consultant Randy Busch of Rock River Laboratories of Janesville, Wis., reviewed the manure nutrient management portion of the plan.

Ed Ruff, a certified nutrient management planner represented the Roths and also answered questions from about 60 people who attended the committee meeting.

Some environmental and citizens groups opposed the CAFO. It is the second to be approved in southwest Wisconsin. A 2,500 unit operation was okayed last year in Vernon County.