‘The Stock Market Handbook for Beginners’: New Book Offers Affordable Advice from Experienced Investor

STONE LAKE, Wis., May 14 /PRNewswire/ — In his new book, “The Stock Market Handbook for Beginners: Volume 1” (published by AuthorHouse — http://www.authorhouse.com/), Harold Robertson shares his expertise in the hopes that he will save new investors money, time and … well, money. He writes:

   I have spent several thousand dollars at various seminars to get investor
information. These seminars always seem to be rapid fire information over
a one to three day period. You receive a wealth of risky information, and
end up taking home a little workbook and perhaps a couple of other books
(at additional cost,) which always seem to gloss over the very basic
information that only first hand experience will produce for a
step-by-step, safe introduction to the stock market.

“The Stock Market Handbook for Beginners” is written for anyone interested in learning more about the stock market, and Robertson argues that in an unstable economy, the stock market is always there to invest in:

   Like a shock absorber, the stock market helps stabilize the world
economy. It has checks and balances and various profit potentials
designed to encourage people to invest. The stock market is a paper game.
Trillions of dollars are churning inside this paper tiger. Most people
feel that this game was created only for the very wealthy, but what they
fail to realize is that those millionaires obtained most of their wealth
in the stock market.

“The Stock Market Handbook for Beginners” contains chapters on options, asset base and covered call strategies. Robertson also devotes an entire chapter to Social Security, “Why should we learn how to supplement our Social Security retirement funds?,” that is particularly relevant in today’s climate of Social Security reform plans. Robertson stresses the importance of remaining financially independent rather than relying on Social Security. He also feels that covered calls provide an excellent avenue for the privatization of Social Security.

Robertson’s writing is concise and easy to understand. “The Stock Market Handbook for Beginners” is essential reading for anyone interested in learning more about the mechanisms of Wall Street or making investments.

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