Stora Enso: Is converting paper machine 2 at its Anjala Mill to produce book paper

For further information, please contact:
Juha Vanhainen, EVP, Stora Enso Newsprint and Book Paper, tel. +358 2046 21343
Mikko Jokio, Mill Director, Stora Enso Anjala Mill, tel. +358 40 584 2782
Kari Vainio, EVP, Corporate Communications, tel. +44 7799 348 197
Keith B Russell, SVP, Investor Relations, tel. +44 7775 788 659
Ulla Paajanen-Sainio, VP, Investor Relations and Financial Communications, tel. +358 2046 21242

Stora Enso is investing EUR 29 million in converting a coated magazine paper machine (PM 2) at its Anjala Mill in Finland to produce coated and uncoated book paper. The project is scheduled to start in January 2008 and be completed by October 2008.

The investment will increase the mill’s book paper capacity by 65 000 tonnes to 320 000 tonnes per year and enable Anjala Mill to focus on the book paper business. Coated book paper quality will also improve. Following the conversion, coated magazine paper production will decrease by 155 000 tonnes per year, as already announced on 25 October 2007.

As earlier announced, Stora Enso intends to shut down Anjala Mill’s PM 1, which currently produces 120 000 tonnes of book paper per year. The machine is expected to be closed down in November 2008.

Following the new investment, Anjala Mill will be even better positioned to meet demand from book paper customers. It will have a wide range of products and a strong market presence in bulky book papers in Europe. Anjala Mill’s total annual production capacity will be 435 000 tonnes of book paper and improved newsprint.