Sierra Club: Setting the record straight – Sierra Club and Alliant Energy

Contact: Jennifer Feyerherm

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Alliant Energy is in the midst of an expensive ad campaign touting its proposed “flex-fuel” plant in Wisconsin. As part of its campaign the company has hired a familiar former environmental activist to sell the plant for them. In an apparent attempt to confuse the public, the Sierra Club’s name is being used in reference to Brett Hulsey, now being paid by Alliant to promote coal fired power plants.

To be clear, Sierra Club strongly opposes Alliant’s proposed plant. Alliant’s own analysis shows that the biomass Mr. Hulsey touts does not reduce global warming pollution compared to other power plants burning 100% coal. Instead, biomass is being used as a Trojan horse to build another dirty coal plant and avoid real energy solutions. Mr. Hulsey does not represent Sierra Club nor Sierra Club’s 15,000 members across the state of Wisconsin that are working tirelessly to reduce Wisconsin’s over-reliance on coal and bring our state a cleaner, safer energy future.

Sierra Club regrets having to point out that Mr. Hulsey is no longer representing environmental interests and is being paid by Alliant to promote coal. However, Alliant’s misleading ads implying that Mr. Hulsey is connected to the Sierra Club necessitates the clarification.