Sanimax Bio Diesel Less Expensive

DeForest, WI — After months of record prices, the US Energy Information Administration
reported this week that the national average price for diesel has dropped more than 14 cents.
Locally produced bio diesel from Wisconsin’s largest and most state-of-the-art facility in De Forest
has certainly helped contribute to the price drop.
“We produce top quality fuel recognized internationally for purity and performance,” said
Sanimax Energy Vice President Jeremy Goodfellow.
“Our fuel also has the added benefit of being produced with local feedstocks which consist
entirely of by-products. None of the materials we use to make bio diesel can be used as food.”
As petroleum prices have increased, leading to a jump in the cost per bushel of soybeans, bio
diesel blends made with soybean oil also have risen in price. But because Sanimax bio diesel is
produced from by-products, the fuel produced at the plant is competitively priced compared to
conventional diesel.
While the majority of bio diesel being produced in Wisconsin is being shipped out of the state,
Sanimax is working to develop markets for the Wisconsin bio diesel and develop partnerships
with large consumers such as municipalities and fleets.
“We’re excited about the opportunities for consumption of our fuel in Wisconsin,” said
Goodfellow. “Certainly when we can compete with regular diesel on cost, the environmental
benefits of our fuel become even more attractive.”
Sanimax employs 1,200 people and operates nearly two dozen state-of-the art facilities across
North America. For more information about our company, please visit us online at