Rural Mutual Insurance and Wisconsin Farm Bureau provide farm management and safety resources

Madison—Rural Mutual Insurance Company and the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation are providing farmers resources to help them develop an employee manual, a farm safety program, and a farm emergency plan.

The two companies are providing three templates on CDs and through the Farm Bureau or Rural Mutual’s web sites as guides for farmers to develop policies important for employee management, farm safety protocols, and emergency response.

The employee manual includes templates covering policies ranging from describing farm employee management objectives, to employee policies and employee benefits. The farm safety manual includes templates for farmers to create their own farm safety policies, employee policies, and training programs. The emergency response manual includes a template for farmers to list emergency contacts and list resources on the farm for emergency responders.

“We’re trying to make managing employees, establishing farm safety programs, and preparing for emergencies easier for farmers,” said Peter Pelizza, CEO of Rural Mutual Insurance Company. “These resources are assembled so farmers can customize their own policies that fit their business and their management practices.”

“Few farmers spend enough time thinking about the ‘what-ifs’ that can happen,” said Bill Bruins, president of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. “This should help them prepare for every day management and emergencies with the unique features of their farms in mind.”

Farmers can obtain a CD with the three templates by contacting the Farm Bureau at 1-800-261-FARM, contacting their Rural Mutual Insurance agent, or by visiting or