Report Says Ethanol Lowers Gas Prices

Consumer Federation of America data shows promise for industry


MILWAUKEE – The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) released a report this week on rising gas prices. According to information in the report, not only is ethanol helping to reduce the price of gasoline, but because of the dramatic increase in ethanol production in Wisconsin, it has extended gasoline supplies and mitigated what might otherwise be remarkably significantly higher fuel prices.


“Once again, a reputable source of information confirms what we as industry leaders have been saying all along,” said Joshua Morby, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance (WBIA).


“More and more consumers, oil companies and policy makers alike are realizing the benefits far outweigh the costs. Bio fuels like ethanol are a great start down the path of energy dependence.”


Earlier this week, Marathon Oil, one of the nation’s largest oil companies announced plans to include bio fuel in 100 percent of the gasoline sold at a number of terminals it operates around the Midwest, including a Milwaukee terminal.


Marathon officials attributed the decision to efforts aimed at meeting the needs of customers for renewable and affordable sources of energy.


A complete copy of the CFA report can be viewed online at the following link:


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