RedPrairie Corp.: Demonstrates advanced recall during Microsoft keynote presentation

RedPrairie VP speaks at Professional Developers Conference

MILWAUKEE , Wis. – RedPrairie Corporation, a consumer-driven optimization company, shared in one of four keynote presentations at Microsoft Corp.’s Professional Developers Conference, held October 27-30 in Los Angeles . Shawn Davison, VP of E ² e Platforms, highlighted many of the ways Azure™ Services Platform will positively impact information technology in the near future, particularly in the ways of cloud computing.

Davison demonstrated how the platform will enhance RedPrairie’s “One Button Recall” application, designed to completely streamline communication between partners over the Internet.

“The primary advantage of any cloud-based program is the immediate value it adds to a legacy system,” says Davison, “Azure Services Platform leverages this technology, allowing secure interaction between applications across enterprises via Software as a Service (SaaS). This will allow companies like RedPrairie to easily connect their clients with any number of businesses using Web services, providing seamless contact not only within an organization, but outside of it – without the need for extensive, complicated, or dedicated circuitry.”

Davison illustrated RedPrairie’s plans to use the Azure Services Platform in extending clients’ on-premise supply networks across the Web. Doing so, he claims, will allow the company’s customers the ability to recall distributed product with the touch of a button, without the need to manually provide access or instruction for individual carriers.

“RedPrairie’s excellent demonstration in the keynote address with Bob Muglia is just another example of their strong partnership in working with Microsoft to deliver the latest innovations and technical transformations to customers”, said Eddie Amos general manager for World wide Partner Evangelism at Microsoft, “We expect the work RedPrairie is doing with Azure will result in greater value for our mutual customers and the industry as a whole.”

About RedPrairie Corporation

RedPrairie is a world leading consumer driven optimization company. Built on an advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) developed over the past 15 years, the RedPrairie integrated suite of solutions offers on-demand capabilities to over 32,000 sites worldwide for many of the world’s largest companies.

RedPrairie’s E2e™ solutions synchronize people and products throughout the customer buying cycle to ensure goods reach the right place at the right time. At the point of sale, this means consumers have access to desired products and that the store is staffed with the right people to help them make their purchases. In the production cycle, it means suppliers and manufacturers time and synchronize shipments and production based on demand signals from the retailer. And in the back room of the store, it means having the least amount of inventory, solving the “last yard” problem of the retail supply chain.

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