PSC to Investigate Level of Telecommunications Regulation

MADISON – To address a fast changing telecommunications marketplace, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) decided today to comprehensively explore the PSC’s level of regulation of telecommunication providers in Wisconsin.  The PSC announced that Commissioner Mark Meyer will lead the investigation and noted the advent of new technologies, the explosion of wireless providers and changing modes of service options such as major cable companies as main drivers behind the decision.


“It is important for Wisconsin to keep pace with this incredibly fast changing marketplace,” said Chairperson Dan Ebert.  “It is time that the state embraces the possibility of further deregulation, but it must be thoughtful deregulation.  I want to thank Commissioner Mark Meyer for taking the lead and I look forward to the recommendations that come out of this investigation.”


“Today we are looking at an entirely new telecommunications landscape than what we had just a few short years ago,” said Commissioner Mark Meyer. “Under current law and PSC rules, not all providers for the array of services available in the state are subject to the same regulation. This review will allow us to provide Governor Doyle, state legislators and other key decision makers information to help inspire and improve dialogue as the telecommunications regulation moves forward.”


The PSC has regulated utility services for over 100 years including telecommunications.  It oversees price regulation, service quality, tariffs and the assurance of a healthy telecommunication infrastructure.  Over the years, utility regulation has adapted to changing technologies, markets, services and providers. The investigation announced today will look at what regulations are needed in an increasingly competitive market, and how they can be designed to assure consumer protection, competitive fairness and adequate service while not imposing unfair or unreasonable requirements on service providers.