PSC Adjusts WPSC Electric Rates

MADISON – Today, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) approved an adjustment in Wisconsin Public Service Corporation’s (WPSC) electric rates.  This adjustment will cover increased fuel and transmission costs, essential for WPSC to produce and provide electric service to its customers.


In December 2006, the Commission set 2007-2008 electric and natural gas rates for WPSC customers.  Since this decision, costs of fuel and transmission have increased.  In a verbal decision today, the Commission adjusted overall 2008 electric rates for WPSC customers by 2.5 percent, or approximately $1.50 on the average homeowner’s monthly electric bill. 


When a utility requests a change in rates, the PSC conducts a thorough audit of the utility’s expenses and revenues. In preparing for today’s decision, the Commission considered the amount WPSC needs to provide a reliable source of energy to customers.


Public hearings on WPSC’s request were held in November in Madison, Wausau and Green Bay. The testimony provided at the hearings and comments submitted by the public were part of the record the Commission reviewed as it considered all the aspects of the application.


The Commission will issue a written order to finalize today’s decision at a later date.


The documents associated with WPSC’s application can be viewed on the PSC’s Electronic Regulatory Filing System at Type case number 6690-UR-118 in the boxes provided on the PSC homepage or click on Electronic Regulatory Filing System button.