MGD 64 … As Light As It Gets

Miller Brewing Company Rolls Out 64-Calorie MGD Light Throughout Midwest, Testing It In West Coast Markets

MILWAUKEE, Feb. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Miller Brewing Company is rolling out MGD 64, a reformulation of MGD Light that has just 64 calories, beginning in March throughout the Midwest. Additionally, the brewer is testing MGD 64 in Arizona, San Diego and Sacramento. No other beer on the market has fewer calories than the new MGD 64.

MGD 64 is the perfect choice for legal-drinking-age consumers striving to maintain a sense of balance throughout their busy lifestyle. Not only does the fresh, crisp flavor make each social gathering a revitalizing experience, but with only 64 calories, MGD 64 is a guiltless pleasure for moments of relaxation. MGD 64 will be available in multiple bottle and can packages.

“MGD 64 is a sensible choice for consumers working hard to keep up with the pace of their life,” said Grant Leech, MGD marketing director. “Whether they are out with a group of friends or taking a break at the end of the day, MGD 64 provides all of the great beer aroma and flavor consumers want but with about 35 percent fewer calories than the typical light beer.”

The roll-out will include activities reaching consumers in some places that they may not expect to experience MGD 64 such as spas and health clubs, as well as some additional activities that consumers will discover throughout the beginning weeks in March.

MGD 64 has only 64 calories and 2.4 grams of carbohydrates per 12 ounce serving. By comparison, Bud Light has 110 calories and 6.6 carbs; Coors Light has 102 and 5.0; Heineken Light has 99 and 6.8; Amstel Light has 95 and 5.0; and Michelob Ultra has 95 and 2.6.

In fact, MGD 64 proves to be the lighter alternative to other drinks as well:

  — A 6 ounce glass of red wine contains 128 calories — twice the amount
in MGD 64.
— A 6 ounce gin and tonic contains 172 calories — almost three times as
many calories as MGD 64.
— A 6.5 ounce margarita contains 246 calories — nearly four times the
calories of one MGD 64.

“The math is pretty simple,” Leech said. “Differences such as those between MGD 64 and competitive light beers and other alcohol beverages add up pretty quickly. For consumers who want great beer refreshment that doesn’t slow you down, MGD 64 is the clear choice.”

MGD 64 was initially launched last summer in Madison, Wis. Positive consumer and retailer response to MGD 64 led to this expanded rollout and West Coast test.

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