Mayors Receive Awards for Support of Great Lakes Compact

BROOKFIELD – Today Clean Wisconsin Action Fund presented awards for outstanding environmental

achievement to three mayors – Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, Jack Chiovatero of New Berlin, and Gary

Becker of Racine – and one citizen, Jim Te Selle, President of the Great Lakes Coalition for their work

in helping to move forward legislation to ratify and implement the Great Lakes Compact. That

legislation passed the State Senate yesterday by a vote of 26 to 6. In the spring of 2006 New Berlin

was the first community in Wisconsin to submit an application for a diversion of Great Lakes water

since the eight Great Lakes Governors sign the 2001 Water Resources Agreement (precursor to the


“Mayors Barrett and Chiovatero are on opposite ends of what could soon become the first Great Lakes

diversion in Wisconsin and both deserve a lot of credit for taking the approach that we need to pass

strong Compact ratifying and implementing legislation before the DNR grants any diversions under

this agreement,” said Keith Reopelle, Program Director for Clean Wisconsin Action Fund. “Senate

Bill 523 passed with strong bipartisan and diverse stakeholder support yesterday in no small part

because of the work and support of the three mayors we are honoring with awards today.”

“I thank Clean Wisconsin’s Action Fund for this honor, and I am proud to fight for Great Lakes

Compact,” said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. “The Great Lakes provide drinking water to more

than 42 million people, support a $15 billion regional economy, and supply 20% of the world’s

available fresh water – they must be protected. The Compact ensures accountability, consistency and

fairness in Great Lakes governance, and safeguards critical water resources. With drought and sprawl

in other parts of the country encouraging people to turn their thirsty eyes to the Great Lakes, now is the

time to pass the protections provided by the Compact. I look forward to continuing to work with Clean

Wisconsin, Mayor Becker and Mayor Chiovatero to protect our Great Lakes, and other key regional


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Clean Wisconsin Action Fund

Mayors Receive Awards for Support of Great Lakes Compact

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Mayor Gary Becker of Racine was honored for his work as the Chairman of the Great Lakes Cities

Initiative, a group of city official across the Great Lakes basin dedicated to supporting adoption of the

Great Lakes Compact and other policies aimed at protecting the Great Lakes. “Mayor Becker has

made an enormous contribution to Great Lakes protection not only in Wisconsin, but across the entire

basin,” said Reopelle. “All three of these Mayors have played unique and important roles in helping to

protect the Great Lakes – the economic lifeblood of the region and the greatest freshwater resource on

Earth,” added Reopelle.

Mayor Becker stated, “I am pleased that we have collectively been able to raise awareness of this

critically important issue. I am confident that we will continue with the progress that has been made in

protecting and preserving our Great Lakes.”

Clean Wisconsin Action Fund also honored Jim Te Selle of Cedarburg with an environmental

achievement award for his role as the President of the Wisconsin Great Lakes Coalition, a group of

shoreline property owners supporting the Compact and other policies to protect the Great Lakes. Te

Selle was the catalyst for the creation of the Legislature’s Great Lakes Caucus Chaired by State

Senator Joe Leibham and the Lake Michigan Forum, a stakeholder group organized by the Department

of Natural Resources.

“Jim Te Selle is a great example of how one citizen can make an enormous difference in protecting our

most precious natural resources,” said Reopelle. “Jim Te Selle played an important role in bringing

legislators in the Great Lakes basin together in a bipartisan way to support the Great Lakes Compact

and other policies to protect this world-class resource.”

Clean Wisconsin Action Fund also gave an outstanding environmental achievement award to

Milwaukee-based Johnson Controls for their work in developing and providing state-of-the-art energy

efficiency and renewable energy systems for businesses and municipalities. “Johnson Controls is

providing the corporate leadership needed to show that Wisconsin can become a leader in meeting the

challenge of global warming,” said Mark Redsten, Executive Director for Clean Wisconsin Action

Fund. “Johnson Controls is proving every day that the solutions to global warming will create goodpaying

jobs and boost our manufacturing and farming economies,” Redsten added.

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