Logistics Health protest dismissed


A protest against a Logistics Health Inc. (LHI) bid with the Department of Defense has been dismissed by the federal government.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office dismissed the bid protest last week. La Crosse-based LHI has received a $790 million contract for services to the DOD.

Losing bidders had filed the protest, claiming LHI had an unfair advantage in bidding because company president Tommy Thompson and a board member had tied to the government.

Don Weber, LHI chairman and CEO, said the company will go forward with additional hiring now that the protest has been dismissed. LHI will recruit for 62 more positions.

“While you go through that protest, the contract is pretty much in limbo,” Weber told the La Crosse Tribune. “You don’t go and hire employees until you have that resolved.”

Weber said that as of Dec. 31 there are 435 full- and part-time employees in LHI’s first riverfront building. A second building could be ready this spring or summer.