Institute for One Wisconsin Launches

Online Library Includes Comprehensive Research on State’s Largest Corporate Lobby 

Milwaukee – The Institute for One Wisconsin has completed a comprehensive online library of information about Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state’s largest and arguably most influential corporate lobbying organizations. At, visitors will find information about the priorities, people, corporations and contributions of WMC.

“Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has an enormous amount of influence on state policy,” said Scot Ross, Institute for One Wisconsin Executive Director. “WMC Watch will provide the information and it is up to the people of Wisconsin to decide whether WMC wields far too much sway in our State Capitol.”

At, visitors have access to extensive information about Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, including:

  • WMCrisis: Analysis of the challenges facing people in every corner of Wisconsin and corporate claims about state tax policy.

  • WMChronology: The history of WMC and its corporate mission.

  • WMCast: The Board of Directors and companies represented on the board, senior staff and affiliate organizations.

  • WMCampaigns: Contributions by WMC Board Members, Issue Ads and Mobilization, PAC contributions and lobbying efforts

  • WMCost: The WMC agenda and the WMC Counter, detailing the agenda’s cost, legislation opposed by WMC and legislative tracking of legislation in which WMC has registered support or opposition on.

  • WMCriticism: A sample of the voices speaking out against WMC’s efforts.

  • WMCheerleaders: Leaders supporting WMC’s corporate agenda.

In addition, WMC Watch has calculated the cost of WMC’s agenda to the people of Wisconsin with the WMC Cost Counter. To see the total cost of WMC’s agenda since 2001, go the WMC Cost Counter. The WMC Cost Counter is a running total which includes the total cost, cost per second and the cost to every man, woman and child in Wisconsin.

“The WMC Cost Counter is just one measure to show exactly what’s at stake when WMC makes its way through the state capitol,” said Ross. “Just as important is legislation affecting our quality of life and our rights which WMC influences.”

WMC Watch is also recruiting on its website “WMC Watchers” to advise the Institute on the impact in communities around Wisconsin of current economic policies and devising new solutions and strategies to ensure people are better represented in state policy.

The Institute for One Wisconsin is a non-partisan research and education organization,  building an innovative and integrated coalition in Wisconsin that advances progressive values.