High school science teachers conduct summer research at UW-Whitewater

WHITEWATER – Summer school isn’t just for students. Teachers also attend classes in the summer to keep the curriculum fresh and to enhance their teaching skills.
This summer, six high school science teachers from four area school districts participated in the newly established Science Education and Leadership (SEAL) Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The teachers will present their research findings at a forum held on the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus from noon-2 p.m., Friday, Aug. 1, in Upham Hall, second floor.

The following teachers will share their work:
 Pat Keelty of Palmyra/Eagle – Project Title: Localization of Gap Junction associated protein Connexin-43 inenzymatically dispersed rat hypothalamic tissues; UW-Whitewater Faculty Advisor: Mike Woller

 Jill Blanke of Palmyra/Eagle – Project Title: Effects of triclocarban on survival and growth of the amphipod Gammarus pseudolimneaus; UW-Whitewater Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Harrahy

 Carolyn Anderson of Union Grove – Project Title: Acute toxicity of triclocarban to the water flea Ceriodaphnia dubia; UW-Whitewater Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Harrahy

 Paul Phillips of Bigfoot – Project Title: The effect of a plant hormone, auxin, on the growth of Arabidopsis; UW-Whitewater Faculty Advisor: Catherine Chan

 Amy Zientek of Union Grove – Project Title: The Mallard Brain: Method Development and Product Development; UW-Whitewater Faculty Advisor: Ellen Davis

 Yvette Loiselle of Fort Atkinson – Project Title: Effects of Age and Distribution of Loess (windblown dust) on Soil Formation in Southeastern Wisconsin; UW-Whitewater Faculty Advisor: Peter Jacobs

The SEAL Institute, under the direction of Biology Professor Mike Woller, is run by a Congressional-directed grant of $118,886 with the purpose of establishing a certification program for science teachers. Specifically, SEAL works to establish collaborations between UW-Whitewater and area kindergarten through grade 12 school districts to provide advanced training for science teachers.

2008 is the first year of the UW-Whitewater program.

Also presenting at the Friday research forum are UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Program students and WiscAMP (Wisconsin Alliance for Minority Participation) students.

For more information on the SEAL Institute, contact Woller at 262-472-5137. For more information on the Undergraduate Program or WiscAMP, contact Jeff McKinnon at 262-472-6200.