Governor Doyle Signs 28 Bills into Law

MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle today signed the following 28 bills into law:


Assembly Bill 893 makes various changes affecting the Wisconsin Retirement System.


Governor Doyle thanked Representative Jeskewitz and Senator Wirch for their work on the bill.


Assembly Bill 875 specifies the process of certification of major party nominees for the office of president and vice president of the United States in 2008.


Governor Doyle thanked Representative Huebsch and Senator Fitzgerald for their work on the bill.


In addition, Governor Doyle thanked the Law Revision Committee for their work on the following remedial bills:


·         Senate Bill 391 amends the process of revoking a voluntary dissolution of a limited liability company (LLC).


·         Assembly Bill 591 amends the statutes suspending the privilege of an underage person who operates a vehicle while there is an intoxicant in a vehicle.


·         Assembly Bill 592 expands the authorization of the Department of Transportation (DOT) secretary and his or her desginee to execute conveyances, contracts and agreements with other states in their subdivisions in the name of the DOT.


·         Assembly Bill 593 allows the issuance of occupational licenses after certain operating while intoxicated (OWI) suspensions.


·         Assembly Bill 594 makes minor changes to statues related to the operation of unregistered vehicles on highways.


·         Assembly Bill 595 requires an applicant for a certificate of title for vehicle to provide evidence whether a vehicle has been damaged by hail.


·         Assembly Bill 611 creates an exception to the prohibition on protective placement or continued protective placement of an individual in a nursing facility, in certain cases immediately after an individual is released from a hospital.


·         Assembly Bill 612 makes procedural changes to approval of a court order for a minor’s placement in or transfer to an inpatient facility offering treatment or therapy for mental illness, developmental disability, alcoholism, or drug abuse.


·         Assembly Bill 616 authorizes the Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) to administer the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) under the Medical Assistance program.


·         Senate Bill 314 allows state employees who earn 184 hours of vacation leave each year to bank 40 hours of leave each year in a sabbatical or termination account. 


·         Senate Bill 315 modifies the authority of the Department of Regulation and Licensing, examining boards and affiliated credentialing boards when limiting a credential issued by the department or a board after disciplinary proceedings against a person who holds such a credential.


·         Senate Bill 316 eliminates a provision requiring the Department of Commerce to consult with the Residential Facilities Council in developing a building code for buildings converted to be used as community−based residential facilities.


·         Senate Bill 317 eliminates the Petroleum Storage Environmental Cleanup Council.


·         Senate Bill 318 corrects an obsolete reference to the duties of the secretary of employment relations, which now fall under the director of the Office of State Employment Relations.


·         Senate Bill 330 makes changes in current law so that the phrase “private sewage system” is used consistently in the provisions administered by the Department of Commerce that deal with these systems.


·         Senate Bill 344 requires that rules governing owners of places of employment and public buildings be based upon provisions in the International Code Council, Inc., building code.


·         Senate Bill 345 eliminates the Department of Commerce’s authority to grant variances to rules relating to automatic fire sprinklers under limited circumstances for owners of places of employment and public buildings.


·         Senate Bill 371 extends the deadline that a person attempting to sell a franchise must provide a copy of an offering circular, under the state’s franchise investment law.


·         Senate Bill 376 reconciles outdated Internal Revenue Code references with changes made by 2007 Wisconsin Act 20.


·         Senate Bill 377 renumbers the appropriation accounts for the Board of People with Developmental Disabilities.


·         Senate Bill 548 relates to changes within the Department of Health and Family Services.


·         Assembly Bill 605 clarifies that assets in the state investment fund may be invested in certain direct obligations, commercial paper, and certificates of deposit.


·         Assembly Bill 606 changes submission dates for certain reports by the Investment Board.


·         Assembly Bill 615 replaces the Secretary of State with the Department of Financial Institutions as the agent for tobacco manufacturers that do not participate in an agreement that regulates the sales and marketing of tobacco products in the state.


·         Assembly Bill 617 adds the definition of “fiscal year” as the period beginning on July 1 and ending the following June 30 to the law relating to reporting by persons holding property presumed to be abandoned. Additionally, this bill prohibits the assessment of a service charge on abandoned property after June 30, instead of after December 31.


·         Assembly Bill 848 is a correction bill prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau.


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