Governor Doyle Launches Energy Independent Communities

Part of New ‘Clean Energy Wisconsin’ Plan


WAUSAU – Governor Jim Doyle today was joined by local leaders and community members as he launched his new program for Energy Independent Communities.


“We are heading toward energy policies that will clean our air and water, create jobs and save us money,” Governor Doyle said. “The course we are taking will help free us from big oil and make our country a safer place. I am looking forward to having these communities join as partners and adopt the state’s energy goals.”


Under the Governor’s leadership, the Office of Energy Independence will partner with individual communities to increase their share of renewable fuels and capitalize on their unique resources to become more energy independent.  This partnership, the first of its kind in the nation, embraces the approaches and solutions that communities are currently exploring. Energy Independent Communities will decide on strategies based on their unique assets and how they will capitalize on the diversity of their resources.


Nearly 50 communities, from Osceola to Green Bay to Greenfield, have expressed interest in forming a partnership with the state. Communities are taking the first step towards this partnership by adopting Governor Doyle’s “25×25 Goal,” generating 25 percent of Wisconsin’s electricity and transportation fuels from renewable sources by 2025. Partnerships benefits include additional access to state and federal funding; increased technical assistance from state and federal agencies; and improved energy efficiency, creating additional savings and capital.


Last week, Governor Doyle unveiled Clean Energy Wisconsin, his plan to move Wisconsin toward energy independence.  The plan details strategies to move Wisconsin forward to promote renewable energy, create new jobs, increase energy security, and improve the environment. 


Since coming into office, Governor Doyle has worked to make Wisconsin a leader in renewable energy.  In 2007, Governor Doyle created the Office of Energy Independence to promote efforts to reduce dependence on foreign oil and advance renewable energy initiatives. 


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